Steel yourself from pain and suffering by embracing it. Feed the cold from your heart to your soul to the world around you. Do not fear those who do not understand – they are nothing to your power.

– Archmage Brannalbin to an apprentice


While creating lava and lighting enemies up on fire has its undeniable charm, there is a more steady and reliable power in cold.


The art of manipulating water and ice is in many things the opposite of the school of Pyromancy. While basic attack spells are similar, scholars of Hydromancy focus much more on protective magic and battlefield control.

One of the earliest spells a student of this school can learn is Ice Armor, one of the most powerful protective abilities any mage can learn, and also highly useful for dabbling warriors and adventurers looking to eschew heavy armor.

Why bother locking doors when you can just place an Ice Wall? A highly useful spell for locking out enemies or directing them through traps if they want to approach you, Ice Walls are sturdy constructs fueled by cold magic.

Immunity to Cold and Waterbreathing allow for standing in blizzards, swimming through the strongest currents without fear or submerging yourself under water for a significant amount of time to hide from enemies.

And yet there is also power and strength in water spells matching the fury of flames:


True mages will wield both schools of magic to harness their full destructive powers. Will you be one of them, or will you dabble in another school of magic entirely?