The orcs are coming!

This powerful war-like race becomes playable as you venture into the mysterious caves of the Drakalor Chain for the glory of your faction.

Dozens of new monsters and dungeon features!

The mostly feared ant colonies are back, as are beehives!
Additionally, some monsters will have interesting special abilities, such as teleportation, breath attacks or burrowing, and their limbs may grant you their special abilities if grafted to your body.


To start with, at least. The major quest update is planned for the end of the Early Access, but your factions will give you guidance of what they expect you to do in the Caverns of Chaos and reward you for completing those steps.

Remapping key- and gamepad controls!

You also will be able to remap keys and gamepad controls as you wish, something that many players have requested.

And many, many more surprises, bug fixes and improvements!

Stay tuned for the full changelog hitting next week!