Please note that save games are not yet backwards compatible. If you want to continue playing an older save game, you need to play an older version of Ultimate ADOM on Steam.

The most important changes:

Powerful artifacts have made it into the hands of dungeon denizens! Starting at level 3, watch out for powerful enemies you might be better off avoiding, though the items they carry might be worth the risk.

Food will now heal you slightly if consumed.

Lots of new keyboard commands: ‘v’ to cast a spell, 1 to 0 to directly use the hotbar and single items are now picked up without opening the inventory. There’s more though!

Resting until healing, and resting until power recharge.

Better controller support.

Many UI changes like a permanently open game log you can toggle and change in the options.

Some balancing changes, turning down some weapon skills which were just scaling damage too much.

And many more! See the full release notes on Steam for all the details.

Have fun – we are looking forward to your continuing feedback!

Here are the detailed change notes:


  • Content:

    • The caverns just got a lot more deadly. Starting at dungeon level 3, you may encounter powerful mini boss monsters carrying unique artifacts with them. Don’t forget that avoiding powerful enemies is a valid response! Defeating these creatures will tax your mastery of your skills.

    • Food no longer is useless. While Hunger and the full Food system (including the beloved feasting on enemy corpses to gain new abilities) will not make it into the game before March, you no longer have to rely on harvesting food items for them to benefit you. Consuming food will now provide a small health boost.

  • Keyboard controls:

    • You can now cast spells directly via ‘v’erbalising them without going through the action menu.

    • Healing until rested (or interupted) is now available by holding ‘Shift’ and either <Space> or <5> on the Numpad. Like auto-exploring, you can stop this at any time by pressing a key, clicking the mouse or the gamepad.

    • If you hold ‘Shift’ and ‘v’, your character will rest until interrupted or at full Power for more spellcasting.

    • In addition to using <Space> or <5> on the numpad to wait a turn, you can now also use ‘.’ as used by other rogue-likes.

    • If you press ‘,’ to pick up items and a single item is lying on the ground it is directly picked up without having to open the inventory.

    • The entries in the toolbar can now be activated with the hotkeys ‘1’ to ‘0’.

  • Gamepad controls:

    • The repeat delay and repeat rate can now be configured separately from the keyboard settings. In our experience the new defaults were a bit too fast for controllers.

    • You can now pick up items with the <Y> button.

    • The dead zones for some gamepad axis are now increased which should prevent getting erroneous input from other input devices that use the same axis (e.g. HOTAS setups).

  • Tooltips:

    • Item weight no longer is shown in the item tooltips because we our current inventory system is slot-based instead of weight-based right now.

  • UI:

    • The game log is now shown all the time. You can remove this in the settings or change the transparency.

    • Certain panels should no longer look weird on very wide displays.

    • The game is now allowed to render in the background (on the Windows platform), making it a true “borderless window”. E.g. if you press Alt+Tab, the start menu now opens on top of the game window instead of minimizing it.

    • The saved games list now displays which saved games are compatible with the current game version and which ones are not.

    • The default speed for animations again has been reduced to saner levels. You can still change it to whatever speed you prefer. You monster.

  • Balancing:

    • Weapon skills have been toned down somewhat, as they scaled the possible damage up too far.

    • Dworjalf is no longer the one-army dwarf he used to be. He will deal slightly less damage with his axes, and take slightly more.

    • Tisseth is now skilled in using the quarterstaff she starts with. She lost all interest in archery.

  • Misc:

    • We now create a backup of a saved game before it is overwritten. There is no automatic recovery yet.

    • You will find more armor and weapons from different materials, especially as you venture deeper into the caves.

    • Slain monsters will now take expensive items with them to their death much less often.

Important Fixes:

  • Fixed the spell buff skills for increased range and damage. Most did not quite work as expected.

  • Items on the ground are shown correctly after loading a game.

  • The “low hitpoints” warning border is now restored correctly after loading a game.

  • Encumbrance now always is correctly updated when you pick up or drop items in the inventory screen.

  • Tooltips in the inventory screen now always correctly update when equipment changes.

  • Items lying at your position now are shown directly after loading a game.

  • A lot of fixes entering new maps.

  • And lots of minor bug-fixing and fine-tuning.