Friends, Mercenaries and Ratlings!

We are incredibly happy to announce a few things as we’re rushing into an exciting future.

Check it out here!

Back from watching it? Alright, you might have noticed two things there.

The obvious one is that we’re now committed to an actual date. On February the 11th next year (that’s 2021), you will be able to purchase Ultimate ADOM: Caverns of Chaos on Steam in Early Access.

This raises a few questions: Why Steam? Steam allows us to update and distribute the game clients for Windows, MacOS and Linux from a central point, which is absolutely crucial for the many, many updates we are going to push out during Early Access. It is very possible there will be other digital places where you can get hold of Ultimate ADOM: Caverns of Chaos during Early Access (and certainly after), but Steam is the one we can definitely confirm right now.
Okay, so why Early Access? The Alpha has been a wealth of information and feedback so far! We feel like the game is starting to feel actually fun for a variety of playing styles now. Now we want to make it accessible to a larger audience who can get their input in during the development stage.

The second thing you might have noticed is that we’re now part of the Assemble Entertainment family! We’re still indie, though, despite having a publisher. We just have them help us generate the reach and assistance we need to bring you Ultimate ADOM in the quality we’re enjoy showing off.

February it is, friends. The Caverns of Chaos will never be the same again, if they ever were.