0.6.0 – “Final Countdown” – 29th of January 2021

  • The combat log has been massively overhauled and will show spell and other effects for the player and monster characters. Dive in as deep as you want with extended mode, or just get the general gist of what just happened with the summary mode.
  • Five new skill trees! Heal wounds, afflictions and even regrow missing limbs with the Curing domain; grow allies and coat yourself with poisonous thorns with the Plant domain; Shield yourself and allies with the Protection domain; call down holy justice on blasphemers with the Smiting domain and command wind and lightning with the Weather domain.
  • That’s a total of 26 new spells to play around with, and 87 skills.
  • Priests are now a class. Also, followers of the Church of Light can now finally spend all those Divine skill points.
  • The Heavy Armor skill tree was missing two skills. They’re in now, and the tree can now be fully learned.
  • Protection Value (PV) is now no longer a static value. We now have hit locations where lucky hits may bypass PV entirely. This means shields are much more valuable now!
  • All spells are now correctly described in detail (including nestet tooltips if you want to peek at the actual formulas for calculating damage, range and everything else).
  • Spell skills now show the spell powers in detail.
  • Even in the upper levels, you will now encounter a much larger variety of interesting monsters. A bug has prevented the spawning of these. There’ll still be kobolds galore, but they won’t be the only enemy you face.
  • You will find more interesting weapons, armors and other items in the upper levels without having to crawl to the temple of Chaos all the way to the bottom.
  • Spell targetting can now be aborted, hopefully saving you precious power points on a misclick.
  • Magic Resistance now works against spells, too, and not just magical traps. There won’t be that many enemy spellcasters just yet, though.
  • Keyboard and Gamepad controls are even better now. Let us know if you find something missing or odd!
  • No more question marks for missing textures. At least, we hope so. All items have been implemented graphically.
  • Male ratlings now look different from female ratlings.
  • We have added a ton of new and updated music tracks to the game. Enjoy!
  • Fixed various other bugs.

Past notes:

0.5.2 – “Playability” – 18th of December 2020

  • Confused how damage is calculated and why that displacer beasts doesn’t take any damage? There is an extensive Combat Log available with a simple click detailing everything.
  • Keyboard and gamepad controls have been heavily refined. Playing with either will now feel much smoother.
  • Ranged combat is now finally possible with keyboard and gamepad.
  • We noticed that some players have not found out how to open either inventory or the radial action menu. In addition to the usual ways, these can now also be opened by clicking on the new icons next to the combat log.
  • Gaining a new level is now more impressive and noticable.
  • If you have any unspent skill points, these are clearly indicated in the stat display.
  • The framework for Priests has been added. Tisseth, the female ratling priest, is now selectable as a pregenerated character. Please keep in mind that she doesn’t have any spells yet, as Divine skills are still in the pipeline.
  • 48 new monsters have been added. The lower dungeon levels will be significantly more dangerous now.
  • Chatting with NPCs has been completely overhauled and is getting closer to the way it will appear in the final game. Say hi to Jo’Karr when you meet him!
  • The background preparations for getting the Quests implemented is done.
  • Brace yourself with being able to equip bracers, dependent on the number of arms you have.
  • Speaking of numerous arms, several major bugs with Butchering has been fixed. Have fun grafting all those new monsters’ body parts!
  • Additional screen effects when something scores a critical hit. You will feel them now!
  • Many tooltips have been improved and now make a lot more sense than before.
  • Pregenerated characters now give an insight on how difficult they are to play for beginners.
  • A major bug in item and monster generation has been found and fixed. A lot of monsters and items have never or very rarely spawned. Keep your eyes open to not run into powerful but very rare enemies early on!
  • Opening and closing the overview map is now much faster.
  • When playing with keyboard or gamepad exclusively, the mouse pointer should no longer get in the way.
  • Movement through maps with liquid areas (water or lava right now) is now much faster and performant.
  • A lot of new music has been added. Enjoy the new sounds deeper in the dungeons!
  • Mushrooms are much prettier now.
  • Most monsters now have textures. The occasional sentient question mark might still occur, but should be a rare sighting.
  • Get lost and perish in Lake Gloom and the Worm Tunnels, featuring unique and deadly monsters.
  • Blobs and flying quadrupeds look and move prettier than before.

0.5.0 – “Endgame” – 29th of October 2020

  • As there’s now an actual goal, you might want to take a break from playing. Saving and loading will help you do just that. Please note that it’s very unlikely your save games will work in later versions during the Alpha. It also takes quite a bit right now, but we’re working on speeding that up.
  • More English grammar. Which means all other languages are very, very broken right now. Sorry, German players! You might want to switch back to English for this version.
  • High scores! Everything you do now not only reflects on your cosmic karma, but also in a real, tangible number visible after your untimely death, or that of your ultimate opponents.
  • You can now also “win” the game. While quest lines have not been implemented yet (though we started working on those, and your factions will give you a different text now), there is something down there at level 20 of the Caverns of Chaos that awaits you, and will probably kill you.
  • 14 new monsters are waiting for you in the depths below. Some of them are still made up from question marks unless you’re playing in the ASCII version, but the monsters themselves are there.
  • Blinking! Humanoids can now blink instead staring accusingly at whatever is in front of them. There’s still room for accusing stares though.
  • New hairstyles based on your selected gender. Humans with the appropriate gender can now grow beards like dwarfs. Different (still randomized) hair colors for those with hair.
  • Tunnels! Tunnels just work like stairs, only they’re more likely to bring you into some scarier places and you can just walk into them.
  • Keep an eye out for a new tunnel leading from the Kobold Caves to a very special place. Be glad the effects of ChAoS corruption are not yet implemented.
  • Some new locations, featuring a new tileset. More mood lightning in the normal dungeon caves.
    Beings can now become Very Lucky, Lucky, Cursed or Doomed. Make sure you do not become one of the Doomed beings. (Unless, of course, for testing purposes. We’d appreciate that.)
  • Some ranged monsters (especially kobolds) now have access to sharpshooter skills which will ignore your armor completely sometimes. No more wading into battle, secure that your Heavy Plate skills will protect you from every possible harm!
  • Mouse cursors, for those of you playing with a mouse, have been refined and will now reflect what they’re doing when you hover over things like monsters, the ground or yourself.
  • Faction- and race-specific music themes have been added to the game.
  • Items are now indicating which material they’re from with a colored dot. This doesn’t do anything just yet, but paves the way for more material-based interactions.
  • Tisseth, the Ratling Priestess, is now selectable from the pregenerated character screen, but she’s really not herself just yet. (She is using placeholder skills and a placeholder model for now.)

0.4.0 – “Liquidation” – 26th of August 2020

  • 56 different liquids have been implemented to consume, pour on the ground or coat your weapons with.
  • That means potions are now no longer decorative but can actually be interacted with. Enjoy experimenting around!
  • Different metals have now been implemented. You can now find Iron, Mithril, Adamantium, Eternium and Truesilver armor, weapons and other items.
  • Many tooltips have been significantly improved and should be much clearer now.
  • A bug has prevented some monsters to apply status effects. Prepare yourself to be confused, paralyzed, sleeping, stunned and much more more often now.
  • Fixed various other bugs, see the Issue Tracker

0.3.1 – “Harvest of Souls” – 24th of July 2020

  • The first floor of the Caverns of Chaos has been majorly redesigned to provide a better experience. No more deaths by being an archer surrounded by three bugbears after taking the first step in the game! Also, based on your faction, there is someone waiting for you at the stairs to the next floor.
  • All factions now provide bonus skills. All skill distributions have been rebalanced. Enjoy playing around with the new possibilities when creating your own character!
  • To learn higher tier skills, you need to have a minimum level now. No more starting with fireball for elven mages, sorry! To learn a skill, it cannot be of a tier higher than your character level +2.
  • Runes now really work. All of them. And many bugs associated with runes have been fixed.
  • Harvesting! After a certain early encounter, you will be able to turn items on the ground into health, power or experience. Beware though – this will be based on your faction, not your class. Experiment around freely!
  • No more billions of daggers and goblin rags. If lots of items of one type have been generated, they will become more and more rare.
  • Magma will now not only burn you, but also things dropped, shot or pushed into it.
  • Secure your backpacks before swimming! Strong currents may now occasionally rip items out of your backpack. Deadly water drains are now deadly for fixtures and items, too.
  • Stealthy beings are now actually stealthy. Unless you have ways of perceiving them, you will no longer see outlines of sneaky enemies.
  • Pathfinding should no longer run you headfirst into features but get much better at circumventing them.
  • Encumbrance now works, and the cells in your backpack are now correctly colored. Overburden yourself at your own peril.
  • Doors should now again be placed sensibly, even in caves, and no longer standing there on their own in the middle of nowhere.
  • Improved keyboard and gamepad support. You can now control nearly the whole game with those input methods (work in progress), if you hate playing with a mouse.
  • Better input handling (we now block input in a better way when the game is busy). Also there is now an indicator for long running actions (e.g. auto-explore).

0.3.0 – “Magic” – 2nd of July 2020

  • Monster AI has been updated! Allied beings will now actually fight for you, monsters will use skills on you and watch out for stealthy kobolds if your perception stat is low!
  • A “Spells” tab has been added to the Tome of Knowledge (‘f’), allowing you an easy overview of which spells you know, as well as allowing you to drag them to the toolbar for easy access.
  • Skills you can activate (such as the axe’s “Round Chop”) can now also be dragged to the toolbar and activated from there.
  • A “Notes” tab has been added to the Tome of Knowledge. No more memorizing which monster has been your first kill!
  • A “Diary” tab has been added to the Tome as well. This will later be stored with your highscore, so you get to write your own autobiography. Preferably prehumously.
  • Rightclicking on “ground” items in the inventory is now possible. There will be many more actions to come in the next updates.
  • The backpack user interface is much more helpful – the active item for the context menu is now highlighted, and encumbrance levels are indicated by background color.
  • The minimap has received some quality of life updates! Memorable locations (such as stairs, altars, etc) are now stored, and a single click takes you to them. Also added an auto-explore button, so you can now click on things instead of smashing “c”. Finally, you can click on anywhere on the minimap, and if it isn’t too far away, your character will now attempt to walk there!
  • Skills you cannot yet learn are not only greyed out now, they also come with a clearly visible lock icon.
  • Runes can now actually be found by mortal beings. Each level will contain at least one monster with a rune, several special levels have higher quality and amount of runes to find. Good luck hunting!
  • Animated constructs now deal different damage according to their base material. And they’re now following you around helpfully, if they’re yours.
  • Lots of tooltip bug fixes and improvements.
  • You are now asked if you really want to shoot your friend. You can still confirm that you do, but it no longer should happen accidentally.
  • You can no longer read stuff while stunned or confused. You will be stunned or confused a lot more often, now that Monsters can also use skills.
  • Many sprites have been added. Death to the question marks!
  • Fixed several bugs within the attitude system (who likes or hates whom, based on both personal preferences and membership/standing in factions).

0.2.1 – “Wallbreaker” – 15. June 2020

  • Plenty of bug fixes. You can now build a customized human archer without crashing the game. It’s progress!
    Can’t decide between dodging the enemy in light armor, or absorbing the damage in heavy? Why not wear some medium armor instead? It comes with a full skill tree.
  • Line of Sight calculations are now like they are in ADOM, which works much better and comes with extended brightness handling. Also in ASCII mode.
  • Use hacking and bludgeoning weapons to tunnel through walls for maximum effect. Weapons now also take damage when bashing them repeatedly against walls, and will break!
  • There was a bug that stopped things like getting poisoned, bleeding and losing limbs from firing as often as it was supposed to. Expect more flying limbs now, and watch out for monsters with special attacks, skills or just really sharp weapons. Unless you’re specializing in regrafting your own dismembered limbs, which is always an option in Ultimate ADOM.
  • Tooltips and inventory now feature more icons. This should make things much easier to understand, and there’ll be more icons coming in the next update.
  • Key repeat delay and rate can now be configured separately, the default values also have been increased after some player feedback.
  • Each type of rune can only be engraved once onto an item to better balance powers.
  • The minotaur’s maze has fired its original architect who thought it’s a smart idea to build a maze out of sandstone. Walls are now much more sturdier down there.

0.2.0 – “Ranger” – 5. June 2020

  • New bugs! Seriously, we have added so many things that these are inevitable. Sorry. Welcome to the Alpha.
  • No thrown weapons yet, but slings, crossbows and archery now works! Shoot the monsters, get shot back. Obstacles now have a tactical purpose, it’s just like being in a cover shooter (only not).
  • Three new skill trees (archery, crossbows and slings) with a total of 48 new skills. Some of them not working as expected.
  • A new class: Archers! While ranged skills are a subset of Martial skills, Archers will get more skillpoints to spend exclusively in skills.
  • A new pregenerated character! Alynna joins the cast as high elven archer who couldn’t care less about what you identify their gender as.
  • Runes! You can now modify armor and weapons with runes. Enjoy.
  • In preparation for being able to use things (coming soon), you can now drop items via a context menu from your backpack.
  • Pinnable tooltips. Nested tooltips. Drill down into the depths of Chaos! More details related to combat stats (you now see the effective values of weapons and not their base values). They also become more and more beautiful and now sport some easy to understand icons. And they’re pinnable.
  • Bigger weapons now cause more damage. Smaller weapons cause less damage. This is not balanced yet and may result in hilarious deaths.
  • Tooltips for weapons will now show numbers and statistics as in use, based on your skills and attributes instead of base capacity.
  • Auto-exploration is now less likely to end you in a perilous spot. It’s also much faster, more stable and can be interrupted.
  • Jewelry (rings, necklaces and other items) will now magically adjust to the size of the wearer.
  • Free-look camera will now be at the same zoom level as the standard camera on startup.
  • You can now wait repeatedly by holding down the space bar. The key repeat delay can now be changed in the settings.
  • Added all the missing boots and girdle items.
  • The minotaur in its maze is even more deadly now.
  • Gaining levels is now a memorable happening and is saved as such in the diary.
  • Plenty of stability and performance improvements.

0.1.3 – “Pants!” – 20. May 2020

  • Mac-players (both of you) rejoice! There is a standalone version for you now.
    More bodyparts and appropriate equipment. You can also graft these to yourselves, and if you add a left and right humanoid leg, you can wear an additional pair of boots.
  • Pants! And footwear. Less naked hobgoblins and dwarves in the dungeons.
  • A first look into our diary and quest system. This is accessible via the character screen.
  • Redesigned the look of our tooltips – now they are much more beautiful. We think.so, at least.
  • The minimap is now clickable and expands.
  • A new special level: The maze of minotaurs.
  • When you’re low on health, you will now notice this much better. This can be toggled off if you want to live dangerously, or if the health bar is enough information.
  • The kobold caves’ throneroom now actually holds a throne.
  • More traps, traps, and more traps.
  • Added lots of images and graphical resources.
  • Lots of internal things done to prepare for… Missile Combat! Which isn’t in this build yet. But it will be soon.
  • Combat animations are now somewhat smoother.
  • Damage numbers now should make more sense and are quicker.
  • Some modification of how the player camera behaves.
  • Bugfixes and performance optimizations.
  • 11 bug fixes removing all kinds of crashes: the minimap no longer shows wall decorations, some unpleasant concurrency crash bugs no longer should happen, etc.

0.1.2 – 08. May 2020

  • There is now a Linux version!
  • We have activated in-game analytics. We do not track personal data because we take data security very seriously. But we try to learn how and what you play… classes, races, skills, dungeon levels you explore, levels you gain, etc. This will help us balance the game better in the future. Additionally we eventually also will start tracking patterns like “do you prefer keyboard or mouse”, “are you playing in ASCII or graphical mode” so that we can better allocate our development resources to the issues important and dear to you, the players./li>
  • We have added two special levels for kobold fans. These are not yet finished… especially decorations and mood texts still need a lot of work. They also still need quests and story hooks. But we are getting there, and this is an indication for the direction of things.
  • Basics for new traps have been added (animations still missing).
  • We have added a sample story dialog to the start of the game that will guide players through the story of their character. The associated stories are not yet implemented but they should give you a good idea of things to come.
  • There are some visible (no longer do items fly around) and invisible performance improvements (levels after the animated forest should be much faster, generally everything should be a little faster).
  • Lots of preparation this week was internally in order to move forward with story content faster. We hopefully will be able to reap the rewards in the weeks to come.
  • 11 bug fixes removing all kinds of crashes.

0.1.1 – 30. April 2020

  • Work in progress: Better general user experience (“e” actions now have fixed letter assignments, spells have fixed letter assignments for your current character depending on the order in which you learned spells; faster tooltip popups depending on context).
  • Work in progress: Inventory finetuning (much better tooltips, various bug fixes, better texts and more icons showing what you can equip).In the image below you e.g. can see more detailed tooltips (which soon also will receive a visual update) that also explain what you can do or not do with an item, items in the backpack are now annotated with icons to quickly tell you what you can use or not, equipment slots tell you what you can equip, etc.
  • Work in progress: Graphical UI revision and clarification. Many lovely details have been added to the UI and even more goodness will appear over the coming weeks.
  • Grafting now works (but there are still some usability issues like delayed messages and graphical glitches like incorrect anchor points for additional limbs)
  • Added destruction sound effect and animation to all room decorations
    53 bug fixes removing all kinds of crashes