Unseen, unheard. The knife in the dark? A tool for justice, for revenge. Make the shadows your allies, lest they become your enemies.

– Alia, elven assassin


Mundane skills are skills all classes can learn, though it’s a difficult decision to make which to specialize on. While Literacy allows the reading and understanding of spellbooks and scrolls, Athletics will increase your health, damage and carrying capacity and both Cooking or Alchemy allow the character to make good if unorthodox use of fallen enemies.

Today we are looking at a skill most useful to burglars, thieves, assassins and peaceful adventurers: Stealth.

Stealth will work in the game as follows: Via the radial menu, you activate your Stealth ability while no one can see you. Every time a monster has a chance to see you, this will remove a portion of your stealth pool. If this is empty or your character engages with a monster, they will become visible again.

Choosing StealthA stealthy blood bath


The more points you invest into the Stealth skill, the longer you can hide from more and more perceptive monsters. An expert in this skill will be able to sneak through an entire room full of aggressive monsters.

Hiding is only part of the skill though. You can also specialize in dealing significantly more damage while the victim is unaware.

Being elusive also means being very careful where you step. While there are other skills with a stronger focus on traps, a high level in Stealth allows you to discover potential traps.



Only visible to those with the appropriate skill, numbers on the floor indicate how many neighboring fields contain a trap.  Easy to identify in small tunnels, but beware of rooms filled with several traps.


Ultimate ADOM is all about choices, and the Stealth skilltree provides several approaches to delving deeper into the dungeon while remaining moderately safe.