Mercenaries, Minions and Monsterlovers!

The Eurogamer Expo in Berlin was a blast. Our first exposition, and the first time we let random strangers and interested adventurers take their first steps in the Caverns of Chaos.

Not only has the feedback been incredibly valuable to us, it has also been significantly more positive than we actually expected. Despite the limited content, people enjoyed their time in the upper echelons of the titular Caverns a lot.

We have witnessed countless deaths by drowning in a river, jumping into lava, running into their own Walls of Fire, getting surrounded by monsters and hacked to pieces, summoning powerful Fire Elementals and then attracting their ire by casting unwise area-damage spells. The deaths were plentiful, and nearly everyone immediately restarted the game at least once to do better than before.

While the initial learning curve seemed steep, it only took minutes for nearly all of our players to understand how to interact with objects, defeat monsters with spells and weapons and upgrade their own equipment by what they looted from their defeated opponents.

We already improved the user interface and inventory management significantly based on the first feedback, as well as making obstacles and environmentmal features now destructable.

Here are a few pictures from the tradeshow. It was a blast, and if they’ll have us, we’ll happily return next year.

And in case you missed it, here is a brief play segment of Ultimate ADOM on the Rock Paper Shotgun channel.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the shape of the game!