Minions of Chaos, Order and Neutrality,

as you have probably seen, we’re incredibly excited to offer a very early pre-pre-pre-(feel free to add another few “pre”s)-alpha version of Ultimate ADOM in a more or less playable state to everyone who visits us in the Indie Area at the Eurogamer Expo in Berlin this weekend.

We will be showing off the new Pyromancy skill tree where you can launch fireballs and summon lava pools, among other things. Expect a more detailed description in our Visions of Ancardia section after we’re back home and caught up with some sleep, where we will talk about the schools of magic in general and Pyromancy specifically.

If you can’t visit us in Berlin, we understand. Follow our Facebook groups (for both, ADOM and Ultimate ADOM) for pictures and news, or follow our friends at Rock, Paper, Shotgun for a live stream on Friday afternoon where we’ll have a twenty minute segment of presenting the current development build live on stage.

Expect crashes and burns, some caused by Pyromancy, others not so much. Of course we will share a recording with you all, unless it has all gone horribly wrong. Working with the minions of ChAoS may have these effects.

We are horrendously excited, and hope you all share this.