Salutations minions of Law, creatures of Chaos and beings of Neutrality,

Every few years, our esteemed friends of PC Gaming at have gathered to decide on their all-time favourite Roleplaying Games available on PC.

This had last happened in 2014, and we have been using the fact that ADOM was in the top thirty in pretty much every single pitch we made about ADOM and Ultimate ADOM. Obviously we knew how to do something engaging – also shown by the fact the Creator is still receiving Postcard Quest submissions from all over the world – but it’s lovely to have professional games journalists confirm our bias.

And we still got it. A few days ago, they have released their new top 50 all-time list, and while we lost a few places (which is fine, there have been some fantastic roleplaying games releases in the past few years), we’re still going strong. You can find the entire list here.

It’s a wonderful feeling to have created something with such a lasting impact – after all, ADOM was released 25 years ago, and there have been countless attempts and grandscale, intricate and immersive computer roleplaying games.

And it’s all thanks to you girls, guys and people of diversity. We know what ADOM’s magic was and how it inspires you to still play, and we will do our very best to integrate this feeling, this magic, into Ultimate ADOM.

Thank you from the bottom of our corroded and corrupted hearts.

In Law and Chaos,
Thomas Biskup and team.