Today we end our Ultimate ADOM Christmas & New Year’s hiatus with exciting news: Our ADOM: The Roleplaying Game Kickstarter campaign went live minutes ago! Please support us, help reach the funding goal and spread the news – it’s so hard to reach people and your help is highly appreciated!

Why is this exciting news for Ultimate ADOM?

For three major reasons:

  1. First of all it hopefully will help broadening the audience for ADOM in general. A wider audience always is good because it helps keep us going.
  2. Many of the design points from ADOM RPG will find their way into Ultimate ADOM (not all, mind you, as we keep to our current rules system for many things) but some parts like skill levels, many new corruption ideas, subsystems for overcharging spells, new life-casting rules or the ability to gain power points by giving in to corruption, racial abilities that scale with level and many other things are highly relevant for Ultimate ADOM.
  3. It will allow you to play ADOM at the tabletop.

Additionally you in theory can affect the development of Ultimate ADOM in case you’d like to donate on one of the ultra-high levels – these will yield new factions and artifacts we design together with you. These factions and artifacts will make a direct appearance in Ultimate ADOM, in the ADOM RPG and (for the artifacts) also in ADOM.

So we are looking forward to the innovations driven by the ADOM RPG as they will help ADOM and Ultimate ADOM overall. You can find samples of the ADOM RPG here.