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“Nature suffers. She suffers as I am, and every little injustice cutting at my heart and my soul. While the war between order and chaos rages on, it is the innocent who suffer. Those who had no voice. The animals, the trees, every blade of grass that is trampled under armored boots. Now they do have a voice, for I have been awakened by Her cries.

She needs sustenance, and the blood spilled by the soldiers is not enough to slake her thirst. Not… yet, at least. Order seeks to eradicate the wild forests and deep groves and tame which must not be tamed. Chaos seeks to corrupt the very essence of life. Both must be stopped, both must pay for their crimes.

This is not about revenge. This is about justice. I command the animals and plants, but I need more instruments. Join me, and help me cleanse this vile, unnatural pestilence once and for all.”