The next scroll spoke of something akin to forbidden necromancy. While the holy inquisition binds spirits solely for the gathering of information and seeks to release them to the afterworld, the demented warrior seemed to seek out the dead for entertainment only.

I concluded there was no malicious intent here, but misguided capriciousness has often proved to be the first step to eternal damnation.

-from the records of Scribe Antius


“Of the many strange sights I encountered in the chaos-twisted passages deep in the bowels of Ancardia, most clawed at my spirit and my sanity. Only a few of them offered any levity. And so, when I encountered the pile of wealth and rotten food of questionable origin, I could not help but chuckle, for I had spotted the previous owner of these riches, buried underneath the riches it proved too feeble to carry.

Taken by fancy, I knelt down next to the intact skull. My own backpack, full of items and rations I had found and decided to take with me, jingled and clanked merrily as I sat it down. I shared a knowing grin with the unfortunate creature whose empty eyes were staring at me with a warning not matched by its grim smirk. I felt a peculiar kind of kinship and briefly wondered if this was how I would end.

With a shake of my head, I cleared such thoughts from my mind. Death seemed inevitable, likely even gruesome, though while I still breathed, I would battle on to find a way out of these accursed caverns. I picked some mundane items from the pile of items that proved to be the doom of my deceased friend here, lightening its burden in death, and carried on. Onwards, downwards, to whatever fate would await me.”