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I am Gilah Nan’Dramoth. The name means ‘Born in the Waves, made from Fire and Ice’ in a language you wouldn’t know. I know what people say about me, and no, you do not get to call me pretentious. You haven’t earned that honour yet, neither by your pitiful swordplay nor by the money you could afford to pay me.

Once you do, you can call me whatever you want… as long as you pay the prize.

I fight for whoever bids highest. Chaos? Law? Order? Those are just words. It all ends in blood anyway, and when it does, you want to be on the side that can afford proper armour.

In case you haven’t understood the subtext here, this will be my side.

I have a high-risk, high-paying job for you I don’t have the time for. If you survive, which I doubt, we’ll talk more.