When I held the scroll in my hands, I knew the unnamed warrior would find no peace in his exploits. It was a shame he was no scholar of magic, for my Masters were very interested in the highly destructive spell he described.

I began searching for more clues about the warrior’s identity. His words indicated a great and fortuitous chance for a spectacularly gruesome demise. Fortuitous, for a particularly painful death meant a high chance for spiritual residue a trained inquisitors would be able to use.

-From the records of Scribe Antius


“The many creatures I encountered held little terror for me any more. My blade was well acquainted with their blood, and their simple tactics were no match for my expertise. While I no longer knew how many hours or days had passed since I sought shelter in this strange cave, I felt well-equipped to handle whatever dangers awaited me.

So I foolishly believed, but the chaos-spawn bred in the darkest corners still held unexpected horrors for me.

I heard grunting laughter around the corner, and then sounds of alarm. Instead of waiting for the inevitable attack, I charged into the room to meet my foes head on, for if these dark tunnels had taught me one thing, it was knowing there was no creature living or dead not hostile to me.

But what I saw froze my blood. The goblinoid creatures were in alarm, but not due to my presence. A hooded man stood on the other side of the hallway, and I recognized him as the strange priest I encountered during my first steps in these forsaken dungeons. He showed no fear as the horde of warlike beings rushed at him. Instead, he raised his hand and extended a single digit in their direction. Their furious battle-cries turned to godless shrieks as an invisible force ripped through their bodies, bouncing off their shields and off the walls, shearing of limbs.

In agony, one of the creatures turned towards me. I could see the fear and the pain in its eyes as its left arm still clutching a crude axe fell to the ground, cut off at the shoulder by the mage-priest’s perfidious magic.

I turned where I came from and fled the scene of carnage, the echoes of screams and panicked shrieks following me through the twisted corridors of these caverns.”