Intrigued by my rare find, I began searching our archives for scrolls and fragments found in the Drakalor Chain. Perhaps I would find more writings and drawings of the unknown warrior.

I was most fortunate. Discarded in an essay about architectural trappings, I found a torn page clearly written by the same adventurer, though his, or her, sanity had just as clearly already taken a turn for the worse.

-From the records of Scribe Antius



“The cavernous dungeon initially looked natural, but even on the upper floors, someone or something had taken great pains to connect the different levels with actual stairs. No gentle slopes or descending tunnels these, but gaping maws crudely hewn into the floor with slippery ledges leading downwards. They were strangely alluring, these stairs, leading me deeper into the madness awaiting me below.

I wondered briefly who built these, and for what purpose. Most denizens to these deadly caves did not seem to be native to this area of Ancardia, so I assumed them to be recently migrated here, perhaps attracted by something. Was there an architect behind all of this? Was this dungeon a crucible to test and strengthen those who dared to enter? Had I been called here, or was it all an accident?

The stairs tempted me, beckoning me onwards. Carefully, I continued my descent. I passed the rotting carcass of a warrior unfortunate enough to slip on these stairs and fall to his death. If this whole place is a test, he had paid a high price for his failure.”