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“I sHeD mY mOrTaL sHeLl aEoNs AgO. I gAiNeD pOwErS fAr BeYoNd YoUr ImAgInAtIoN. AnCaRdIa Is MiNe By RiGhT oF cOnQuEsT aNd CoRrUpTiOn. I aM a GoD. I aM cHaOs. I aM AnDoR dRaKoN. AnD i WiLl NeVeR bE dEfEaTeD.

AlThOuGh I hAvE bEeN wEaKeNeD, rEcEnTlY, bY mOrTaL hAnD nO lEsS. An UnFoRgIvAbLe AcCiDeNt, A cOlLuSiOn Of WeAkEr GoDs To EnD mE. ThEy HaVe FaIlEd, As MaNy OtHeRs HaVe FaIlEd ThRoUgHoUt ThE cEnTuRiEs Of My ExIsTeNcE.

TaKe My GiFtS aNd SeRvE. BoUnTiFuL wIlL yOuR rEwArDs Be. PoWeR aNd GoLd, InFlUeNcE aNd MaGiC aRe YoUrS iF yOu PrOvE yOuRsElF wOrThY oF mY lOvE. JoIn Me, ChIlD, aNd TaKe Up YoUr BlAdE iN mY nAmE. In ThE nAmE oF tRuE cHaOs.”